Conner Prairie Internship Updates

Conner Prairie Internship Update #5

My internship has given me new eye-opening experiences in the museum and history fields. Something that is a skill within these fields is problem-solving. When it comes to research or building a new digital project, unexpected challenges can surface at any time, and in areas, you might not have expected any problems. Situations like this have taught me that it is important to remain cool, calm, and collected. It is crucial to keep an open mind to any possible solutions. Previous experience with this problem often left me feeling overwhelmed and unsure of my work. However, last semester taught me how to avoid these types of feelings and work towards finding solutions. I have found that staying flexible and adaptable when unexpected problems arise yields a better chance of finding solutions quicker. Collaboration with other people, regardless if they are involved in your project or not, can often lead to new and better solutions. This semester I will be working on digital projects like I never have before. My mentor Ryan has introduced me to new video editing skills and software. Ryan has been patient and understanding as I begin learning the ropes. Although this was an unexpected experience, I am looking forward to learning a new digital skill!

In all honesty, the only expectation I had entering this internship was that I was going to learn. I did not have a clear idea as to what department of a museum I wanted to work in before I started this internship. I was very open-minded about Conner Prairie‚Äôs process. Although I have some experience working directly in the museum field, I was curious to know how other museums ran, how they created their projects, how they interacted as coworkers, and why they believe what they’re doing is important. I have learned the answer to these questions while at Conner Prairie. So far, my expectations for this internship have not changed. Last semester, I was given the opportunity to learn how Conner Prairie creates their digital exhibits. This semester I will learn various video editing skills and techniques. I am still unsure of what role I would like to play within the context of a museum. Therefore, I believe it is important that I continue learning whatever skills I can while I am at Conner Prairie.