A Definition of Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities can be defined as a broad digital realm of methods, analysis, research, organization, etc. This is because technology has allowed for a fast-paced learning environment that is rapidly changing. This environment includes the various uses and tools created for and by digital humanities. It typically consists of a collaborative and personal relationship between digital humanists and the public.

I defined Digital Humanities in a very broad sense because I believe that there is a lot that makes up the field of Digital Humanities. This includes the people involved and the different ways technology is used within the field of Digital Humanities. There is no one specific definition because people use Digital Humanities in various ways. Some use it as a scholarship or a project or whatever fits their needs. My understanding of Digital Humanities has changed completely since finishing module 1. I used to think that there was a specific definition of Digital Humanities that I never seemed to understand; however, I have learned that there is no one concrete definition of Digital Humanities. This is mainly because technology is currently changing and evolving at a fast pace, therefore, the definition will always be changing. Although I have learned that Digital Humanists can work individually with their content, a majority seem to work with other Digital Humanists or the public in order to convey their research, analysis, methods, etc. Although the field of Digital Humanities is broad, the projects created by Digital Humanists seem to always be distinctive and unique. As we continue to learn more about the different ways, we can use technology, I am sure the definition of Digital Humanities will only grow broader.