A Reflection on L’art pour les personnes

The French Revolution was a very long and detailed period in history. The topic for my final project was the French Revolution. I have always been fascinated with the I also am very interested in art history. Together, these two interests formed my topic idea. I included examples of cartoons, caricatures, and paintings. 

I decided to display my information in a digital exhibit through Omeka. A digital exhibit allowed the viewer to understand the meaning of the artwork. Although metadata provides quite a bit of information about an item, I thought these forms of artwork deserved to have some more context. To create some more context for these pieces, I made a timeline. The information included in the timeline William Doyle’s The French Revolution: A Very Short Introduction

The only obstacle I faced was locating open domain sources for images of paintings, which is why there are only three of them within my exhibit. 

The main goal I wanted to achieve through this project was recognizing the talent and meaning behind political art. The images and timeline are there for the user to intercept their own opinions on art within the French Revolution.  This is also why I named the exhibit site “Art for the People”


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