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Voyant Activity Experience

Voyant was a very interesting tool to use. Voyant is an online tool that allows an individual to analyze the frequency of words that appear in various documents. My experience using Voyant included analyzing the different word frequencies in a series of interviews that I believed to be from people who were once formally slaves. At first, this tool seemed to be very overwhelming. It divides the screen to provide different illustrations of the data. This includes a cirrus word cloud, a graph displaying the frequency data, as well as a summary for all the data. In my activity, I selected various specific words within these documents to analyze the differences in their frequencies. In order to do this, all the user has to do is upload a link to voyant in order for it to generate the data. From here, click the ‘scale’ button at the bottom of the cirrus quadrant and choose their specific document. Then, click a word that appears in the reader quadrant. The trend quadrant will then illustrate a graph of that word’s frequency. To compare the charts or cirrus word clouds, select ‘export url’ and your data will appear in another tab. This tool is helpful for interpreting data for specific documents.

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