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Second Piece of the Puzzle

Now that some time has passed, I have been able to think deeper about my final project. Digital media and digital tools will be incredibly important for my teaching tool. My project idea will be to create a scavenger hunt within museums that focus on a person or an event. I plan to make 3-4 scavenger hunts in total, but each will be located at a different museum. Each item within the scavenger hunt will illude to why this person or event is essential in history. The clues given will also relate to the person/event’s historical significance. The clues are the key to engaging my audience in historical thinking. I hope the clues will encourage users to ask questions and analyze how/why they relate to the person or event. This experience can be achieved by anyone. My target audience includes two groups. The first is young families, (with 1-2 kids), looking for a bonding and educational experience. The second group is for high school friends who frequent museums but also love a challenge or puzzle. I believe this tool will help both groups engage with one another the history that is on display. These two groups need to have experience with handling technology to access the location of the scavenger hunts. Also, it is crucial to follow the clues to find the described object. The order of the items relates to the overall history that these items represent. Therefore, whoever is securing the scavenger hunt must be able to follow the digital instructions. This might alter my idea because it would be difficult for those who struggle with technology to access my project. I believe the best digital environment for this project would be an app. Each museum would have its section that includes all its scavenger hunts. Although I do not possess the skills for app building, I hope that my Omeka site for this project will serve as a jumping-off point for this tool’s future.

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