Third Piece of the Puzzle

I have made progress within my final project. This progress has mainly consisted of research. However, my research has been an exciting journey. I first began by delving into the various museums that exist in Washington, D.C.  On their web pages, I looked for exhibits that were being held both in-person and online. This was crucial because people who cannot visit the exhibit in person need to have a way to complete the scavenger hunt. An example of one of the exhibits is the First Ladies Exhibit which is online and on display at the National American History Museum. The other aspect I have been working on is the selection of objects for the scavenger hunt. This has been a difficult decision for me to make. My plan is to take different objects from each exhibit. These objects as a group represent a larger narrative and each individual object represents a certain part of that narrative. So, it has been difficult to decide which objects best represent the narrative I am trying to tell. The next step for my project is compiling the objects together and placing them in order. After this, I will begin creating the clues for each scavenger hunt. Also, I have decided that I will include a page on the scavenger hunt’s website that includes the answers. Although this would allow people to cheat, I still think it will provide useful information. This information would include the history of the object and the role it played in the narrative.

An object that I have decided to use is Jacqueline Kennedy’s costume pearl necklace. This necklace can be found in the First Ladies exhibit at the National American History Museum. The reason I chose this necklace was because of the neck it faced. Jacqueline Kennedy was an incredibly strong woman. My focus for the scavenger hunt in the American History Museum is women’s roles in history. I will use this necklace to represent how women can be and were viewed as fragile.

      Jacquline Kennedy’s Necklace

I have made some progress in my final project, but I have also been considering changing my project idea. My current project is a digital/in-person scavenger hunt. These scavenger hunts would be accessible online and could be used for an in-person museum trip. However, due to recent events, I would like to create a digital tool that I would be able to use every day. I have acquired a new job at a historic house giving tours. I think that it would be interesting to design a digital education tool that I would be able to use on tours.

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