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Progress Update #2

My digital public history project has been making progress! Some of the difficulties that I encountered last week have been resolved. The first of these issues was the script. Since last week, I have decided to limit unscripted conversations. Although it could be entertaining, it took away from the primary focus of the podcast and extended the length of the episode. The primary target time for a podcast episode is thirty minutes. This has been a huge challenge for me not only because of unscripted conversations but also because of the numerous details of Alice Roosevelt Longsworth’s story. It is difficult to pick which details are excluded from the conversation. This is an issue many in the field of history face, minimizing content without taking away from the overall narrative. I think many historians share the same discontent I feel when having to minimize details.

As of right now, I have not made progress on gaining access to certain primary sources. If this continues to persist, I think my only option is to include top-tier secondary sources. However, this could lead to an addition of unnecessary biases.

Another problem I am having is with the tool Audacity. I am not having any major problems with the software. However, I have been struggling with clearing all of the background noise. An easy solution for this problem is a change of location. Also, I believe that if I watch more tutorial videos concerning Audacity usage, this problem will be solved.

Lastly, I still have yet to create a name for the podcast and the episode. This problem is not close to a solution. While I am closer to picking a name, nothing has been set in stone. I have decided that I would like the episode titles to correlate to the overall title of the podcast.

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