Clio Review

The project I decided to review was Clio. I chose this digital project mainly because I had difficulty finding one about my current location. Clio is a digital history project that provides the public with the locations of historical sites. These guides include a summary of information about the landmark, museum, monument, etc., and directions to the site. Visitors can engage with unique features on the site, such as the “time capsule.”  This element on Clio where the public can provide information about the History they have witnessed. Users can also create tours for specific locations in their area.

Clio uses an abundance of place-based techniques to create user engagement. They have a variety of tours that appear based on the user’s location, including walking, driving, heritage paths, hiking, virtual tours, and story maps.  Directions are provided to the user to guide them within their experience. Clio encourages users to discover the History that is present inside and outside of their location.

Clio encourages placed-based history theory. The place-based theory is the idea of learning within your immediate location. This encouragement offers the idea that you do not need to be in the classroom or a museum to interact with History. Clio also uses various links associated with chosen tours to allow users to continue their research and interests. The digital project Clio is incredibly useful for educating through experience.


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