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Project Update

My digital project is slowly but surely coming together. Although I have made significant progress in the depth of the topics discussed and the level of engagement with the listener, I have had a few setbacks. To separate this podcast from being purely just about gossip, I have restructured the way I discuss certain topics. I will achieve this by discussing how Alice Roosevelt’s certain actions lead to very successful consequences. This would be in terms of her personal life and political life. Other problems I have encountered include locating primary sources. My first episode will be on the life of Alice Roosevelt, so I have been searching for various letters, diary entries, etc. The issue I have been encountering is gaining permission/access to these documents through the Library of Congress and the National Archives. To move forward with this issue, I have sent request forms to receive access to these documents. So hopefully, this problem will be solved sooner than later. I have decided to have a co-star in my first episode, which is my roommate. She has a background in politics, international relations, and law. I think that she would be a good addition to the podcast because she is a member of my target audience. However, it has contributed to the issue of the length of the podcast episode. The ideal time length for a podcast episode would be thirty minutes. I have tried to condense the information as much as I can without taking away from the main message of the episode. I have also struggled with limiting conversation throughout the episode. To move forward with this problem is to just have a more concrete script. My first idea was just using an outline of the topics to have a more open conversation; however, this made the episode much longer than it needed to be. I think if I just write a more concise script, it will be easier to stay on task and keep the episode from running too long. The last issue I have encountered has been creating a name for the project itself. It has been something that I have struggled with because I want it to be catchy and memorable. I think the best way to move forward with this problem is to just create a list of descriptive words that encompass this project idea. From here I am hoping it will be easy to construct a name.

Although these setbacks seem overwhelming, I am still pleased with the progress I have created so far. I think if I take my time with these issues, I will find solutions.

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