My Digital Project

Project Update #3

My digital project has been going swimmingly! Although I have encountered issues, I have made progress with the tools at my disposal. Also, the advice from Professor Mills Kelly has helped tremendously. His advice has also made me feel comfortable with the amount of progress I have made within my project. While it is nice to discuss progress, my project is not close to being finished. Taking the advice seriously from Professor Kelly, I have begun working on my focus sentences. Some have been easier to define than others. I decided it would be best to create one focus sentence for the overall episode and sub-topic sentences for each topic. I made progress in the creation of the sub-topic sentences. However, I have been struggling to create my main focus sentence. The focus sentence is the main goals and summary of what I would like to achieve in this podcast. I will fix this by simply spending more time with the material featured in the podcast.

I have also been considering different ways to use my Omeka website for this project. I think it would be helpful to create collections for each specific person discussed in an episode of the podcast. These collections would include the primary sources used in the podcast, the episode’s script, and other outside links. This action would extend my project’s audience. Some people who may suffer from disabilities would still be able to interact with my work. One thing that has been incredibly important to me is figuring out ways to include as many people as I can within my project. I believe that adding these elements to my Omeka website will expand my audience and help engage listeners.

Professor Mills also suggested locating a “moment of delight” within the episode. A “moment of delight” would be something a listener remembers from the podcast, something worth sharing with a friend. I think this is a great idea! There needs to be something interesting within the podcast that gets people to talk about it. Creating a “moment of delight” will be my next task.

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